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Ethics in Pakistan Police|
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The Positive things about police department or Police officers with some real scenario The term ‘police’ refer to a civic organization, which is responsible for public safety and the prevention and detection of crimes. Semantically, the word ‘police’ is of Greek origin, derived from the word ‘polis’ meaning city. The word was adopted in the English language in the eighteenth century and was first used in the designation of Commissioners of Police appointed for Scotland in 1714. Currently, the term is used to denote a body of government officials, which is organized to maintain law and order and to detect and investigate breaches of the law Sindh Police Mission Statement

The Sindh Police aims at providing equality of service delivery to the community in prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of Law and Order. It is committed to the principles of justice, equality, integrity, fairness and respect for human rights and law enforcement in conformity with international norms and best practices. Police Attitude towards Public

Article 3 of the Police Order binds all police officers to behave with the public with due decorum, courtesy, and goodwill. Instead of frightening and harassing the people, it has to guide and assist those who are in danger of physical harm, especially women and children. It is duty of the police to assist the public, especially, the poor, disabled, physically weak, and children who are lost, or need help at any public place. The police in Pakistan are undergoing a major credibility crisis. Police should change its behavior and attitude towards the public in order to improve its public image. Some gruesome incidents of police torture and highhandedness brought a bad name to the Punjab Police. The world is moving towards the concept of Community Policing at a rapid pace; which is a policing strategy and philosophy, based on the notion that community interaction and support can help control crime and reduce fear of crime. The report prepared by an Additional Inspector General of Police Punjab (Addl IG) further suggests the solution for the above-mentioned incidents as in order to address this lack of credibility and public confidence in Police the following measures are being taken. Powers to Arrest

A police officer is authorized to arrest without warrant any person who has been involved in any cognizable offence or against whom a reasonable complaint has been made, or credible information has been received, or a reasonable suspicion of his having been so involved exists and sufficient evidence against whom has appeared on case file during the investigation of cases.

Common Public Complaints against Police
In Pakistan, police has become shameful for abuse of power and discrimination, especially in respect of illiterate and the poor people. The magnitude of public complaints is so high that the police has fallen in a state of disgrace characterized by corruption, buying off, discrimination, torture, etc. According to a survey conducted by the network report builder (NRB), most people complaint about payment (bribe) and bad attitude, as only 33 percent people are satisfied with police. A state of mistrust exists between the people and the police. The survey shows that only 22 percent people are...
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