Ethics in Negotiation

Topics: Ethics, Negotiation, Morality Pages: 20 (7687 words) Published: May 29, 2013

Midterm essay
Subject: Negotiation skills


Lecturer: Mrs. Cat Ngoc
Faculty of international politics and diplomacy
Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam
Prepared by: Group 4
Phan Thị Diệu Ly – TT38A
Đặng Ngọc Tâm Đan – TT38A
Nghiêm Thúy My – TT38A
Mai Phương Anh – TT38A
Bùi Hồng Nhung – TT38A
Hoàng Thảo Thùy Trang – TT38A
Hà Trang Vân – TT38B
Đinh Đức Duy – TT38B

Hanoi, April 2013

Table of content 2
List of tables3
Chapter 1: The meaning of ethics and how do they apply to negotiation5 1.1 The definition of ethics5
1.2 How do they apply to negotiation?6
Chapter 2: Major types of ethical and unethical conduct likely occur in negotiation8
2.1 How do negotiators choose to use ethical or unethical tactics?8
2.2 Ethical tactics in Negotiation are mostly about truth telling9
2.3 Typologies of deceptive tactics10
2.4 The motivation to behave unethically10
2.4.1 What does “unethical behavior” mean?11
2.4.2 The motivation to behave unethically in negotiation13
2.4.3 Consequences of unethical behavior in negotiation16
2.5 Explanations and Justifications17
Chapter 3: The ways negotiators deal with the other party’s use of deception20
3.1 Ask probing questions20
3.2 Recognize the tactics21

List of tables

Table 1.1 Differences between ethics and morals5
Table 1.2 Four standards for judging strategies and tactics in business and negotiation6
Table 1.3 Ethics types6

Negotiation is one of the most important parts in our life. We negotiate whatever we need and wherever we can. Businessman, children, lawyers, police, diplomat…all need to negotiate. Even peace or war sometimes depends on the success or not of negotiation. Not all of negotiation can reach the success because negotiators do not choose correct tactics, targets and objects. To negotiate, we need to know not only strategy and tactics of distributive bargaining and integrative negotiation but also perception, cognition, communication, leverage and ethics. According to Sir Michael Palliser, “Ethics, in practice, is defined in a code, to which virtually anyone can subscribe, whether honestly or purely cynically. This means that ethics is more or less analogous to "motherhood", as that expression is used nowadays” Ethics is not a strange thing to us, however, to understand the meaning and to apply them in real situation is extremely difficult. In some cases, we do not use ethical tactics even though we know clearly that we should not do. It depends on what kind of negotiation, who we are negotiating and the aim we need to complete. In this essay, instead of making a decision that we should or should not use ethical tactics, we will discuss the meaning and the primary factors that negotiators consider when they need to choose whether tactics are ethical or unethical. Moreover, we focus on ethics in global negotiation, some cases of unethical practices in negotiation and some instances of moral dilemma for a negotiator. Apart from table of contents, introduction, list of figures, list of tables, the main body of the thesis is divided into 3 chapters as follows: Chapter 1: The meaning of ethics and how do they apply to negotiation Chapter 2: Major types of ethical and unethical conduct likely occur in negotiation Chapter 3: The ways negotiators deal with the other party’s use of deception

The definition of ethics and how do they apply to negotiation In this chapter, we show some examples of ethics in negotiation in our daily life to help you easily approach the meaning of ethics. Beside it, we compare the difference between ethics and morals and answer the question: Why do ethics apply to negotiation? 1.1 The definition of ethics

Consider the following examples:
Example 1:...
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