Ethics in Management

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics Pages: 4 (1182 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Personal Ethics Development
Anita Hamilton
University of Phoenix
Robert Deemer
January 28, 2013

Personal Ethics Development
Ethics is defined as “The principles, norms, and standards of conduct governing an individual or organization.” (Trevino, 2011), Our Personal ethical development usually begins in childhood while we are watching the adult authority figures in our lives act and interact with each other. We learn “right from wrong” by observing the way our parents and other adult authority figures handle themselves. We see our parents lie (“oh, tell them I’m not home”), and we learn that this level or type of behavior is acceptable. In this paper, we will discuss the development of my personal ethical development, my underlying ethical system and the potential effects of my personal ethical system on my job performance, and finally, we will explain why ethics are needed in an organization. My Underlying Ethical System

Character, or a person’s moral actions based on duty-driven ethical principles, is something that is forever being formed. Your basic character, which includes trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship, is usually formed in childhood through the teachings and example of our parents, teachers, and also clergy. We learn that if we are fair and honest, we will be rewarded, and if we are not trustworthy and dishonest, we will be punished. This is the beginning of our character development. I was raised in a religious environment, or “in the Church” as they say, from as far back as I can remember. My mother was a single parent of four children, and she raised us to be kind, considerate of others, responsible for our own actions, and to always do the right thing. My underlying ethical system therefore, is duty-based, which is a moral obligation or commitment to act in a certain manner. Watching my mother and other devout Christians throughout my life, I have therefore perceived that, as the...
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