Ethics in Finance

Topics: Ethics, Virtue, Morality Pages: 6 (2053 words) Published: April 29, 2013

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Oklahoma Christian University

Submitted to: Dr Don Hull
2nd APRIL 2013

Situation Audit

Iam one of the senior Human resources expert in my organization where specifically am in charge of utilization of human resources to help the organization reach its goals. More specifically, I support other functions and managers by recruiting and staffing, designing compensation and benefit packages etcetera. Due to specific skills gap that my organization required we decided to hire regional manager, the job involves overseeing and coordinating the operations of a large portion of the western united states including the pacific North west, California, Utah and Nevada. This region of United States accounts for disproportionately much larger sales volume for my national firm when compared to other regions. On Monday afternoon my selection group finally makes its selection and plans to announce its choice on Friday afternoon. Out of a number of a very capable candidates, all experienced veteran managers, they selected Charles Delaney.Mr Delaney’s peers often used the words “ brilliant”, “innovative”, ”articulate” and “aggressive” to describe him. Based on my background search, it was vivid that he holds a consistent record of excellence in every task that he accomplished for the companies he worked for. However one of the weaknesses that he is prone to, is that Mr. Delaney rarely attends social functions and when he did, he never brought his wife. I was mesmerized when one morning I arrived the work place and received a personal call from Charles’s wife Edith who stated that Charles struck her in front of their two children. They are currently staying at Chicago shelter for battered women. Charles has been hitting Edith in so many occasions but this time it was severe. Edith beseeched that I should give him this job may be he would feel happier, less stressed and things will get better for their family. Now Iam perturbed on how to handle the situation either to postpone the announcement or hire Mr. Charles. Of course my decision will be based on ethical and moral obligations to my company, To the interview team, To Charles Delaney? To Mrs. Delaney and children? Though this has never been raised during the interview process I believe that moral ethics does matter, but different situations should be judged differently and with a caution. However someone with a history of violence should be judged more strongly. People aren't perfect, so we should separate different kinds of moral failings. However few personal mistakes does not disqualify someone from making other good decisions and change. Does the fact that they may have an irrational mind in their personal life disqualify all their good deeds? Of course not. Change is there for us all.

Strengths. As the case suggests, the most significant strength is that, this region of the United States accounts for a unreasonably much larger sales volume for my nationwide firm when compared to other firms. Mr. Charles would be an outstanding candidate for the position of Regional manager since he holds a steady record of excellence in every task that he accomplished for the companies he worked for. To this he might enhance my organization’s success. Weaknesses: Charles is a hot-tempered, and a person who rarely attends social functions, a person with deep moral failing, aggressive and brutal, which is not good on teamwork and organization’s reputation. Opportunities; Looking at organization’s objectives including maximizing sales Mr. Charles is a brilliant, innovative and polite as his peers often described him. And these attributes may be the necessary ingredients towards attainment of organization’s objectives. Threats Relying on Charles Delaney might put the organization in jeopardy since he is prone to violence. Mr. Charles’s domestic behaviors are...
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