Ethics in Early Childhood Development

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  • Published : November 20, 2008
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Ethics in Early Childhood Development
Early childhood development meant may be defined as the critical years of education for toddlers. During these years they become increasingly aware of their surrounds and the behavior. Children will adapt to the behaviors which are visual to them. During these years child absorb more information than the average adult over a 4 year span. This is because their sole purpose is to learn and grow. As parents, we have to be very aware of the surrounds and things we present them with. Behavior learned now will carry out. The question of teaching them moral ethics at this point is a controversial issue. Moral ethics are those things we know are right. The pillars of these ethics are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. These are the elements of growth which builds character amongst our children. Strong character is very important because it will carry you through life. Teaching moral values is often referred to as “Character Education”. The most important factor in teaching character education is professional development of being able to view the world for the eyes of our children. This visual determines where are focus needs to be whit our children. Looking at the actions of the majority of our young child we can see, there is a strong need for character education. More and more are we seeing teen violence, teen pregnancy, and malicious acts across the board being engineered by our youth community. Early development and ethics can be the end to this up rising trend of an ethically lost generation. Moral education is becoming an increasingly popular because the signs of the times seek the demand (Nucci, L). We have a moral crisis declared upon our society with statistical numbers of violent juvenile crimes. Although all these crimes are not directly associated with morals and the nature of a moral environment, there is a visual up- swing in the trend linking the solutions and problems to...