Ethics in Contemporary Society Syllabus

Topics: Normative ethics, Ethics, Virtue ethics Pages: 11 (3169 words) Published: January 17, 2011
Argosy University
Ethics in Contemporary Society

Faculty Information
Faculty Name: Dr. D.C. Nosakhere Thomas
Campus: Inland Empire
Contact Information: (888) 461-5558;
Office Hours: Before or After Class
Course Meetings: Wednesdays 8:00 – 10:00 PM
Academic Term:Spring Session 1 - (1/12/10 – 3/2/10)

Short Faculty Bio: Dr. D.C. Nosakhere Thomas serves as an adjunct professor of psychology at Argosy University – Inland Empire, where he teaches undergraduate to doctoral level courses. Dr. Thomas is the Senior Apostle of Rainbow Community Praise Center International (Fontana, CA) and Parks and Recreation Commissioner for the City of Fontana. Dr. Thomas has studied nursing, fundraising, real estate investing and has earned a doctorate in counseling (Claremont School of Theology, Claremont, CA); a masters in family life education (Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI) and a bachelors in theology and accounting. Not only is he well sought after in the academic community, but also in the civic and private sectors as coach, commissioner, trainer and consultant. Over the years, Dr. Thomas has served as a columnist, pastor, therapist, accountant, real estate investor, social worker, marketing director, loan officer, certified nurses assistant, chaplain, and professor having published more than thirty articles and a book entitled Accessing the Spirit. Dr. Thomas is currently writing a book entitled Success Solutions for Today’s Youth.

Course Description:
Ethics is the investigation of moral motive and action: What is the right thing to do, and why do the right thing? Students investigate personal, professional, and social issues of the day using the major ethical theories of western civilization. Based on research, students formulate and evaluate their own ethical positions in the context of respectful classroom dialogue.

Course Pre-requisites: ENG101.

Required Textbook:
Brannigan, M. (2005). Ethics across cultures: An introduction with readings. McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 0-07-297902-X

Course length: 7.5/ 15 Weeks

Contact Hours: 45 Hours (blended) Students are expected to log into the eCourse at least four times per week. A student who does not participate in the course within the FIRST FIVE DAYS (including weekend days) of a 7.5-week session, or within the first 10 days (including weekend days) of a 15-week semester, and has not submitted an official Add/Drop Form, WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE COURSE AUTOMATICALLY and receive a refund based on the applicable Argosy University refund policy.

Credit Value: 3.0

Program Outcomes & Assessment Key:

1.Student has demonstrated ability to acquire, evaluate, apply and communicate information by 1.1 Using efficient research methods, both traditional and electronic, R 1.2 Reading for comprehension, analysis and evaluation, I,R 1.3 Using information to support their ideas and their purposes, I,A 1.4 Communicating to specific audiences, both orally and through writing, information they have gathered, R,A 2. Student has demonstrated ability to employ analytical skills and to solve problems by 2.2Analyzing a problem and providing a solution or an accurate commentary, R 2.3Recognizing and articulating ethical situations and developing responsible solutions, I, R, A 3.Student has demonstrated knowledge of history and human endeavor by

3.1 Recognizing and appreciating major contributors to their field of study, I 3.2 Understanding the impact of major technical and social advances on their fields of study, I,R 3.3 Articulating and understanding the ethical framework which supports their actions and attitudes in their field of study, I,R,A 4.Student has demonstrated knowledge of diversity in human culture and behavior by 4.1 Applying interpersonal skills in problematical...
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