Ethics in Accounting

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Ethics are an important part of society, as these are standards that people should live by in their everyday lives. Within the world of business especially though, ethics play a huge role. Having bad ethics in the work of business can seriously damage a person’s firm and ultimately ruin their career. In the field of accounting, ethics are most important in order to be a successful account that is looked up upon. This can be due to the fact that accountants work very closely with their clients and on a personal level too. There are a set of principles, or rules that accountants must follow in order to stay within the code of ethics. If one does not follow these guidelines, the penalties are crucial. In order to stay an ethical accountant, you should follow the principles which are integrity, objectivity, confidentiality, and professional competence as well as behavior. If these five policies are followed, one will not have any issues when I come to ethics in their workplace. Integrity is a concept of people’s values, morals, and actions. Everyone needs good integrity especially in the area of business. In the world of ethics, integrity can be seen as being honest and truthful. Accounts need good integrity in order to be successful with their customers. Being straightforward with your customers as well as other business relationships is a must to have integrity within your work. Accountants should be honest with their clients as well, along with being straightforward. Being trustworthy shows that they have high standards and try to be the best and most professional person they can be. There are ways, however, that accountants can not show integrity in their job. This may occur when someone gives their customer a statement that can be defined as misleading. Along with misleading information, it is also possible for an accountant to sometimes disregard information all together. By not letting the person know about the information the accountant is hiding, this shows...
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