Ethics Game Simulation Reflective Journal

Topics: Ethics, Management, Virtue Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: July 16, 2011
Ethics Game Simulation reflective journal


November 30, 2010

Ethics Game Simulation reflective journal

I believe the simulation game is a great way to learn and practice about ethic issues is amazing way to prevent situations that can happen to me in the real life also can happen to all. The issues was clear present in the simulation, I work for G-Bio-Sport as quality control manager and i send to the lab some product for a test and those product in the lab found they was contaminated 100 %, the impurity is in the GBS-Fibranafren, one of our patented ingredients, which more than two-thirds of our products contain, the contamination is fine below FDA standards, the risk of an adverse reaction in healthy adults is extremely low. Also those with compromised immune systems may be at a slightly elevated risk, especially with continued use of the product, but the overall risk remains low. The contaminations indicate that the entire batch is infected.  The first thing I did is no got panic and warn and find what information to provide consumers about the contaminant and that was my primary issue to be addressed I try to no get distracted by long –term planning, red herring or potential solutions, the best way was framing the ethical dilemma clearly and is easy to solving the problem. For make that decision I was base in my duty that is to warn consumers of known potential danger, also to refund or replace defective product and to ensure that ingredient labels provide accurate and meaningful information, the stakeholder have the right to know what the safety standards are for a product. | Is a big challenge to protect the stakeholder and the impact of this situation don’t make loose the trust of the company, after all this | |inconvenient I got informed that the FDA change the regulations and now our product no have the parameters to be in the market, the | |situation...
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