Ethics Game Dilemmas

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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Ethics Game Dilemmas
As a manager, a person will face many ethical dilemmas. The right choice is determined by what the manager, or decision-maker feels is right. In the Ethics games, the manager was faced with two dilemmas. In the Mysterious Blogger, the manager of safety and efficiency was made aware of an employee that blogged about confidential company information. Another employee then took it upon himself to find out who the individual was. This employee then illegally obtained the information of the blogger by hacking into his home computer. The main issue for the manager was to determine whether or not she should use the information obtained illegally to discipline the employee that violated the non-disclosure agreement. In the Veiled Identity, the manager was in the process of implementing a security system and was leaning towards a system that used photo identification as a means of entry into the building. The manager was made aware of a Muslim employee who would be breaking the rules of her religion if she were photographed without the traditional veil. The main issue was in developing a security policy that provides for employees’ physical safety and accommodates special needs. The decision making steps used in choosing the best options for each dilemma consisted of first determining the issue and the stakeholders. Once these are determined, the use of the Rights and Responsibilities lens, Results lens, Relationship lens, and Reputation lens help the manager to weigh the outcomes in order to make the best decision. In the case of the Mysterious Blogger, the issue was determined as whether or not the manager should use the information that was illegally obtained by an employee to discipline another employee who created an internet blog that revealed confidential company information. The stakeholders involved were the shareholders, the Chief Legal Officer, the Manager of Safety and Efficiency, the Vice President of Human Resources,...
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