Ethics: Ethics and Small Insignificant Things

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  • Published : August 24, 2013
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During my research one of the articles pulled listed McDonald’s, Wal-mart, Mattel, Nestle, and Citbank as unethical in their business practices whether past or present. These companies are in our face daily through ads, radio, television, and in web-site popups. Our society has grown away from the standards Jesus set for our leaders. The problem is a leader who accomplishes even a little task which does nothing for the people stands out to those around him. If they can accomplish these small insignificant things well, why can’t they accomplish even a small issue which would aid the people? This is the basis for quality, effective leadership. We need leaders and CEOs who will enter the larger arena to defend and support us because their significant things mean more than the one whose friends gather because a bill to pave his street was passed, or their company pocketed $14B last quarter, while kids not far from their street went hungry. In today’s business world and government offices that supposedly have high-sounding and noble mission statements they demonstrate some of the worst behaviors and ethics ever, are not present in church, and yet praise God at the end of each sentence in front of a camera. In the case of Jesus, His overwhelming approval from the masses came because of His wisdom, His compassion, His sense of divine calling, and the unquestioned purity of His motives (Briner and Pritchard, 2008, p. 117). Numerous leaders today lack morals, quote the Bible pretending to be following Jesus’ teachings, and have/are lying or deceiving many for their own personal gain. The most valuable gift you can give another is a good example. “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you (John 13:15, NIV).” References

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