Ethics Essay

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Ethics Essay
ETH 316

Ethics Essay
To compare the similarities and differences between virtue ethics, utilitarianism, and deontological ethics, one must understand what each one stands for. This essay will try and break down each of these theories and compare the similarities between them. Virtue ethics is based on the belief that one should be good in what they do in their lives and that one should strive to be good. This belief of one should be good morally and physically, that while good behaviors are accepted it is expected that physically as in sports to excel as well. This theory has been contested as saying that if a person, while good in nature throughout his or her life, makes a mistake of a magnitude that is somewhat significant. Does that one mistake outweigh all the good that one person has done throughout his or her life? For example, President Clinton was instrumental in the North American Free Trade Agreement, the welfare reform and health programs but all of that was overshadowed because of his adulterous affair while in office. Does that make him a bad person or does that just shows that he makes mistakes but have been part of something much greater? A sacrifice fly ball in baseball is called that because the player sacrifices a hit of the ball so that it can advance a player that is already on a base but at the same time, it causes the player that hit the ball to be out. This example briefly defines what the theory of utilitarianism is; the action of one person so that the greater good, in this case the baseball team, is the beneficiary.

Deontology is the theory of principle, human reasoning of right and wrong. This theory also states that one is obligated to do the right thing because it is his or her duty to. This theory can also be argued to say who can state what is right or wrong? What is basis of these actions to say whether or not they have done the right thing? Is it the laws that have been written by men or is it human instinct to...
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