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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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The ethical lens inventory has done an excellent job at teaching me about myself; things that I did not know or had pointed out to me in the past. I 100% agree with my preferred ethical lens which is the reputation lens, I use sensibility to find equality for all. I defiantly do feel like I do that or strive to achieve this. My blind spot of having unrealistic role expectation is something I know all to well, having fell victim to it in the past. Sometimes I forget that we are all human and cannot achieve all we are supposed to all of the time i.e. daily tasks or mission tasking. So, now after identifying this I will in the future keep this in mind to help me overcome it when it does cross my path again. After reviewing all this information regarding my lens and values I get the feeling that I am really role orientated. This sounds to be reasonable and something I believe is a direct result from my time in the military. An enlistee is taught the core values and that person learns to eat, breathe and sleep these values.

One of my strength is compassion; this is an attribute that most people have because I believe that people are generally compassionate. Another strength value is using my sense of sensibility when addressing problems in the community; this is according to my ethical lens results. I am in the middle on these results, I believe that you must use sensibility but also need to be rational. If I was to favor one over the other it would have to be rationality. One strength attribute that I appreciate a whole lot is the tradition strength. I think this strength can go a long way of helping myself and others out, being able to learn from others that have been in my position and analyzing their decisions benefits me. Some may overlook this attribute; I on the other hand value this trait and have been taught this attribute from an early age and then again in the military.

My attributes that present my weakness in the ethical lens results are something I...