Ethics Competency

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  • Published : March 19, 2012
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Ethics Competency
Nasser Mardini
Virginia International University
Organizational Behavior and HR management – MBA 513
Fall 2011 – Med-Term
October 20, 2011
Dr. Shawn Richmond

Question 1: Is the "Fight-or-Flight" response evident in this case? Explain Yes. The fight-or-flight response refers to the biochemical and bodily changes that represent a natural reaction to an environmental stressor. When Colombo e-mailed the regional vice president for operations to report the wholesaler who tried to bribe her, he brushed off her complaints in a meeting and she left the office in tears.

Question 2: What influences on the stress experience appear to be present? More than one factor influence how the individual experience stress: * Perception of situation
Colombo says that the work environment turned hostile in 2005 and therefore it became stressful. * Past experiences
Colombo had excellent work in the past, she knew her job was a senior underwriter, and she knew that it do not include bribery. * Social Support
There was an absence of social support, Colombo co-workers wanted her fired because of her complaint which made her anxious and could not cope. * Individual
Employees are different of the way that they experience and respond to stress, based on their personality. Colombo’s professional standards were being compromised and this caused her to experience stress. Colombo received a top rating that exceeded expectations. But after that was asked to pay bribes. Question 3: What were the primary work-related stressors for Coleen Colombo and Sylvia Vega-Sutfin? Explain Work related stressors: Job conditions, career development, role conflict, Interpersonal relations, and aggressive behavior influenced Colombo and lead to the level of stress she experienced. * Job conditions: The environment turned hostile in 2005 and thereafter, the suit says. At that time, one fellow employee, a male wholesaler, began bringing Colombo questionable...
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