Ethics Case Study

Topics: Physician, Medicine, Prescription drug Pages: 4 (990 words) Published: February 2, 2011
Ethics Case Study
January 18, 2011


This paper will explain the different situation that people face in their every day life. Also, the example will determine what a doctor, medical personnel, or patient should do in any situation involving health care situation. Healthcare has become a main focus of a person life especially if the have a certain disease or illness that’s not preventable. Patients who are in any type of critical condition will face very expensive medical bill for any treatment. Hence, the government is make very hard for people to get medical insurance, and the people who don’t have medical insurance is basically out of look as far as treatment.

Does Jerry’s medical training qualify him to issue this refill order? Why or Why not?

In Jerry’s situation, he really doesn’t have the medical training to issue or refill any medication orders because he is just a doctor assistant. If a patient found out that the medical assistant was issue any medication the doctor and the clinic could be in danger of closing because he doesn’t have the education and the medical background to issue medicine to a patient. They only way he could give the medical is unless the doctor left the prescription in the office for the patient to pick up that is the closes way to issuing medication or refilling a order. A front office employee may be called a medical assistant, and may not technically be one, they’re often gifted secretaries or receptionists, excellent at communicating with people, and good at reading medical documentation (Ellis-Christensen, 2010)

Would it make a difference if the medication requested were for control of high blood pressure that the patient critically needs on a daily basis? Why or why not?

Yes, it would make a difference because the doctor has to be the one who gives the constant for any one on his medical staff to even call in a prescription over the phone. The doctor also have the authority to write the...
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