Ethics Cannot Be Defined

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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“Ethics cannot be defined as it is too subjective.” From what I have read, Ethics are not easily defined and may differ from person to person or from group to groups and between different companies but overall it is the set of principles that an individual guides his decisions by. It is also having a clear understanding of exactly what is right and what is wrong, and making good decisions on that premise. The choices may be very similar but the cost may determine which decision is tangible or intangible. To get even a more clearer understanding of ethics as it relates to laws that govern our society and free choice that each of us make on a daily basis, and when it is put up against business ethics, these set of code of are mainly considered in the workplace and it can involve the entire population of staff members from the top executives to the lower wrung members of the team. I believe that the statement that “Ethics cannot be defined as it is too subjective” is correct to a certain extent as most times ethics is just too subjected to peoples opinions. Everyone disagrees about ethics. Who is to say what is right? … Ethics is relative to your culture, so it is offensive to impose your values on to someone else. Clearly we do differ, but do we not also share values? Some people wonder if being ethical these days simply means not getting caught not doing something illegal. The only question seems to have become “Is it legal?” A society gets in trouble when it considers ethics and legality to be the same. Ethics and legality are two different things. Although following the law is an important first step, ethical behaviour requires more than that. Ethics reflects people’s proper relations with one another: How should people treat others? What responsibility should they feel for others? Legality is more limiting. It refers to laws we have written to protect ourselves from fraud, theft, and violence. Many immoral and unethical acts fall well within our laws. Many...
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