Ethics: Branch of Study Dealing with Proper Course of Action for Man

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  • Published : April 29, 2012
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Ethics is very broad to define but it is also very simple and common in our lives. In general, ethics is the branch of study dealing with what is the proper course of action for man. It is considered the moral standards by which people know what is right and what is wrong? At a more fundamental level, it is the method by which they categorize their values and pursue them. Most people learn about ethics at home, at school, in church, or other social places. Although most people acquire their sense of right or wrong during childhood, ethics development occurs throughout life and in different stages of growth. Ethics is a requirement in our lives; it is a standard that will set a limit for all of us in deciding our behaviors. Without it, there would be a lost in what we should do and should not do, then there would be no goals for us in life because there are no rules to measure and way to achieve. Leadership is a way to manage a group of people for a common goal. In overall, it is for a specific group, company, city, or even a country; it is in a wide scale and decent number of people but it is also responsibilities in making choices for us at first before doing that for others. It is the most important thing that will make a good leadership, because when we can decide what we are going to do, we will know how it will affect other people. Moreover, leadership is a title that includes some important and essential for a leader in manage a group of people such as intelligence, visionary, understanding, and empathy. These are some of the most important qualities that should be in leadership and they are the standard for a good leadership. Ethical leadership is a combine concept for ethics and leadership. It involves in a manner of respecting the right and wrong in the leader’s decisions; as the leaders will act and decide everything in the ethical way, which will not affect anyone in personal. It also focuses on how a leader manages the social power, demonstrates...
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