Ethics Awareness Inventory

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  • Published : January 23, 2010
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Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis

Tohisa Lonzo

University of Phoenix

Interdisciplinary Capstone Course /GEN 480

Mark Cole

January 4, 2010

Every individual view ethics differently. No matter how one may view ethics at the end of the day ethics is a determination of an individuals own belief of what is right or wrong. According to the Ethics Awareness Inventory (EAI) it is a system for self-assessment and personal reflection. After reading through the assessment, I have found information that I can agree with and that are beneficial to me as an individual. The inventory also increases awareness and encourages self examination and personal ethical growth.

What one may determine to be a right or wrong choice cannot always be a right or wrong choice for another especially within an organization. Even though individuals are suppose to work toward a common goal or purpose in an organization that does not necessarily mean decisions are in everyone’s favor or the most beneficial choice. At some point everyone has had to make some decision whether personal or professional at some time or another. Making a right choice does not necessarily increase the good for the decision maker. I have had to make decisions that did not always have my best interest at the time, but just because it was ethically right to me is why at that time I made that particular decision.

Attending the University of Phoenix to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice has matured me in a career path. Criminal Justice has always been a career choice of mine next to psychology, but after having an opportunity to have some of the best and worst professors, I have learned a lot. Criminal Justice is definitely a place I want to be. Justice to me is fairness and it is what the Criminal Justice System is supposed to offer fairness. Justice to me is also about making a difference between what is ethically and lawfully right or wrong. In the Criminal Justice System fairness is not always...
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