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1.0 Aims1
2.0 Objectives3
3.0 Introduction5
4.0 Questions (a) and (b)13
5.0 Conclusion14
6.0 References15

1.0 Aims
To understand students understand the importance of work ethics in the work place. 2.0 Objectives
1. Instill strong organizational values.
2. Build an integrity-based organization.
3. Develop ethical behavioral influences.
4. Implement plans and strategies to achieve ethical excellence.

3.0 Introduction
According to Chester Barnard, an organization is a system of consciously coordinated activities or efforts of two or more persons. His meaning of organization implies formal planning, division, of labor and leadership. On the other hand, Bedeian and Zamnuto see organizations as social entities that are goal directed, deliberately structured activity systems with a permeable boundary. Their meaning of “deliberately structured activity systems” basically means that organizations are structured in a proper way jobs are divided among people to achieve a common goal. According to, an organization a social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals. Every organization has a management structure which will divide and break down the roles and tasks of different members. Organizations are also regarded as open systems which affects and also are affected by environment. (, n.d.) In any organization, reputation is very important and ethics plays a vital role in the success of an organization. In short, ethics is the choices which individuals make both in their personal and professional lives which deal with morality such as right versus wrong. (Charles D. Little, 2000) Business ethics also refers to ways in an organization carry out its business according to the accepted moral standards. It is actually a set of moral principles and code of conducts applicable to all businesses which not only relates to the customer itself but to the society as well. It also implies the ways of conducting business in a way which not only benefit oneself but to benefit everyone as a whole. According to Charles D. Little, organizational business ethics is the application of these morality related choices as influenced and guided by values, standards, rules, principles, and strategies which is related to an organization’s activities and business situations. Laura Nash with a Ph.D. from Harvard University further asserts that business ethics deals with choices about what laws should be and whether to follow them, about economics and social issues outside the law, and about the priority of self-interests over the company’s interests. (Laura Nash, 2000)

4.0 Questions
a) How can employers develop a better work ethics in the workstation?

i) Employers should lead by example and practice what they preach. Employers should always lead by example by first doing what they want their employees to do. This is because if the manager itself practices what he preach, it shows how serious he is in leading by example. (Prema Jayabalan, 2013)

ii) Reward and praise those who deserve.
Simple things like a thank you note or a note of praise will go a long way in showing you appreciation towards the employee. It will show how the employers appreciate its employees and also that the employers are not those who will take all the credit by themselves. (Prema Jayabalan, 2013)

iii) Reprimand those who go against work ethics.
If there is anyone in the organization who breaks the rules of a company, action should be taken towards that employee to show how serious the organization is in dealing with ethical issues. It will also serve as a reminder to others to not go against any ethical code of conducts set by a company. (Prema Jayabalan, 2013)

iv) Legal and regulatory compliance.
One way to develop better work ethics in the workstation is through legal and regulatory compliance....
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