Ethics Assignment

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  • Published : September 26, 2012
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Ethics Assignments
See course schedule for due dates

Team Formation: As I understand many people like to work in groups and for some it may be difficult you can choose to work in groups of up to 3 or you can do the project on your own. Please note that the content and quality must be the same despite the number of members in your group! Only one group member needs to turn in the assignment, just make sure you identify all students who worked on the assignment. Assignment 1: Writing Codes of Ethics

You will also need to develop a code of ethics for a mock company. This should be approximately 3-5 pages in length. Use the text and powerpoints to identify the important elements of a code of ethics (remember a code of ethics is not the same thing as a code of conduct) Assignment 2: Case Analysis:

You will be provided with a real ethical dilemma. In 2-3 pages you will identify the ethical issues in the case, and respond to a series of questions pertaining to the case.

Assignment 3: Writing your own Ethical Case
In an approximately 3 to 5 pages, you will write an ethical case in which you will identify the: *  The situation – State the facts; describe the situation. * Ethical dilemma/issue(s) – Discuss the values and norms that are in conflict. Read cases studies in the text book for guidance. * The stakeholders involved – List them.  Describe their involvement.  Why/In what way are they stakeholders? How are they affected? * Solving the case – you will also write a solution key for solving your ethical dilemma * The ethical norms) – Discuss the relevant ethical norms that apply to the case. (use information from your company description and code of ethics) * Discuss alternative courses of action and tradeoffs (benefits/costs, advantages/disadvantages) – Discuss 3-4 courses of action that are available to you to deal with the dilemma/issue(s).  What are the tradeoffs of each course of action for the stakeholders involved? *...
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