Ethics and the Four Functions of Management of Mcdonalds

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  • Published : April 27, 2008
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Ethics and the Four Functions of Management of McDonalds
Janet Santibanez
University of Phoenix

Ethics and the Four Functions of Management of McDonalds
Ethics is basically defined as the values and morals that a business as well as the management of the said business instills what is believed to be the right thing into their employees in order to better serve the community or the society as a whole.

When the corporation that is being talked about is McDonalds, it has to be told that McDonalds it self has never been a member of the ''Ethics office Association.”Instead the corporation has always stated that "being a good citizen has been Inherent in the fabric of the Company since its inception.” Basically being the same as the definition of “Ethics,” (Versohoor, 2001, p.1)just described or slightly reworded.

McDonalds has incorporated its ''Good citizen" approach of doing things, into all four functions of management. How the Top Management Team would delegate what is considered to be the right thing to do for society usually after conducting some sort of survey to determine exactly is wanted by society. They also decide what parts of the different levels of management will make the right thing happen. To begin with, the “Top Management Team” will decide what goals are to be newly implemented throughout the hierarchy of McDonalds.

Recently McDonalds has decided to go "Green," and in order to do so the “Top Management Team” will delegate to the “Midlevel Management Team” the responsibilities of finding and “organizing” what had to be done In order to reduce waste in all 3,000 restaurants around the world.

The next step would be to incorporate a clear cut “plan” on how to achieve their goals. Management has to first decide who their company would first collaborate with in order to produce less waste. McDonalds is working with a company called '''Persico'; this company is the principal producer of McDonalds packaging, and together they have...
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