Ethics and Professionalism

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  • Published : January 15, 2011
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Ethics and Professionalism

Ethics and professionalism are important aspects of life. They are needed in almost everything we do. This has never been more evident than in the digital society we live in today. With advancing technologies, and the ever increasing speed of the Internet, ethics and professionalism are becoming more and more important. The Association of Computing Machinists (ACM) has developed a code that is widely becoming accepted as industry standard. The code outlines a set of principles that should be followed in order to maintain professionalism in our digital society. The question is how realistic are the principles and will they be followed.

There are approximately 7 principles outlined in the ACM public policy. They are as follows:

ACM Public Policy Principles
Universal Access to InformationFree flow of information is crucial to our democracy, and accessibility to information is certain to have an impact on, among other things, economic growth, education, public health, and the effective utilization of government services. Intellectual PropertyUSACM contributes to the development of policy governing copyright and intellectual property in electronic media. Computer Encryption and SecurityUSACM emphasizes that protecting open research is critical if encryption policy is to effectively respond to the needs of a growing global market The 1st Amendment and the InternetUSACM promotes speech and opposes censorship of the net. Funding of Science ResearchUSACM is committed to pursuing funding and investment policy that would maintain this leadership. PrivacyUSACM is active in pursuing policy and legislation that would ensure individual privacy safeguards in the information age. Internet GovernanceThe ACM supports the healthy growth and development of the Internet through its work for the creation and proper monitoring of governance organizations that develop technical standards, set policies and otherwise influence the future of the...
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