Ethics and Moral Issues

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Morality Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: August 3, 2012
Ethical and Moral Issues in Business
Ethics and morals go hand-in-hand in workplaces and organizations should be concerned about ethics and morals. Businesses that operate ethically and morally depend on how the managers, and employees behave, how they interact with each, and with customers. In this paper the difference between ethical issues and moral issues, differences between personal ethics and business ethics, and examples of common ethical problems in business will be discussed. Differences between ethical issues and moral issues

Ethics and morals may seem the same but there is a difference. Ethical issues define the code that is used by a group or society of people. The ethics that people adhere to uses external factors such as society, peer group, profession, and religion and may change if any of the influencing factors changes ( Trevino & Nelson, 2007). For example, in England fox hunting was an ethical tradition until a legislation was put into place because of the protest of the evil nature of fox hunting and became unethical. Ethics are well defined and laid down; for example, professionals such as doctors and lawyers knows the ethics of their professions. A doctor will not divulge or discuss his or her patient’s medical history with anyone but the patient unless given authority by the patient. Also a lawyer will not compromise his or her client’s interest. Moral issues focus on the right and wrong and do not change. For example, it will always be wrong to murder another human no matter is committing the act. Morals and ethics may seem similar but are quite different Moral constitutes basic human maker of right conduct and behavior, while ethics are set guidelines defining accepted behavior and practices.

Difference between personal ethics business ethics
Ethics is knowing the difference between right and wrong. Business ethics are set of behaviors and discipline a business uses in its activities. Some businesses are driven by profit, and...
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