Ethics and Leadership

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Public relations Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Ethical Leadership
Darlene A. Daly
Grand Canyon University: LDR-800

This comparison research paper will review the topics of three types of ethics and discuss the results how they compare to each other. The three types of ethics that will be reviewed in this paper are authority, persuasion and motivation and what affects they have on ethical value system of people. The first study was written by four doctors involved with Ethical issues in Athletic Training by Swisher, Nyland, Klossner and Beckstead in the year 2009. The second study was written by Trapp in 2010 and is titled the persuasive strength of values for reputation for interest arguments for promoting ethical behavior. The third study is based on public relation model and persuasion ethics as a new approach and was written by Johanna Fawkes in 2007. The purpose for the first study addresses issues that trainers have to deal with authority figures and their power to control the decisions of the trainers. Identification and explanation of ethical dilemmas faced by the athletic training would help assist in the acknowledge and resolve of ethical dilemmas (Swisher, et. al., 2009). The second study examines that while there are inconsistencies between corporate affiliates, there is finding that there are equally remarkable agreement throughout the corporation in character, morals and reputation which provide great sources of motivation for ethical conduct (Trapp, 2010). The final study looks at literature and the role propaganda plays into the public relations of society. The study will compare approaches ethical persuasion which in turn may show the flaws and links amongst persuasion and propaganda within public relations (Fawkes, 2007). Research Questions

Athletic Trainers (ATs) and coaches do not have firm moral decision influences (Flint& Weiss, 1992). Depending on the athletes impact to the game the struggle to be stay totally objective while making decisions...
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