Ethics and Information Technology

Topics: Internet, Social media, Ethics Pages: 3 (1056 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Ethics and Information Technology

In today’s information age, the issue of ethics has risen to the forefront of the business agenda. Constant innovation and advancement of Information technology, and the widespread use of information systems, has posed many challenges to the business world, and raised many ethical issues that also affect society as a whole. Ethics is a fundamental concern of every human being, and everyone should have the freedom of choice, but when this choice is taken out of your control, which is often the case with recent developments in information technology, a serious issue has arisen. “Ethics must begin at the top of an Organisation. It is a leadership issue, and the chief executive must set the example.” Edward Hennessy, CEO, Allied Signal. The ease in which computer systems now share and distribute digital information among its users of one of the great success stories of modern technology, however, such technology can also give way to widespread misuse, criminal activity and mistreatment towards others. The growing use of information technology in E-business has had a dramatic effect on society, and many ethical issues have been raised in the areas of privacy, discrimination, piracy, bullying, employment issues and crime. In recent years, there is no denying that the revolution in information technology in all its forms has had a striking affect on how business operates, and has pushed many boundaries but along with its many benefits there is also various negative effects on society in general and people.

One of the key ethical issues that raises concern among the general public, given the widespread use of Information technology is the protection of personal privacy. The wealth of information that is gathered as you surf the web, is often incomprehensible to the innocent web surfer, and with its enhanced capacity for surveillance, storage and communication, the list of potential treats to privacy are endless. The...
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