Ethics and Ethical Leadership

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Ethics and Ethical Leadership

I would like to work in a for profit organization that deals with the homeless. I would like to work for a for profit organization for several reasons. As a leader in a for profit human services organization, I would have a better opportunity to develop programs that would help the homeless and return a profit to the organization. In a for profit organization, I would have flexibility to develop reward programs that would help my employees buy into my vision of how the location should function to benefit each employee, all clients and the organization. I would have control over the locations budget so that I could spend dollars to the best advantage for all involved.

I believe that if I had the leadership position in a not for profit organization, I would be stuck with employees with limited drive. There would be little if any incentive for the employees to strive to do a better job for the clients and the organization. As a leader in a not for profit organization, I would be confined to a budget with spending based on a master plan designed to the entire budget annually but not necessarily wisely. I believe that a not for profit organization would not be interested in individual leadership goals or objectives.

The moral responsibilities that I would have as a leader are numerous but not different from how I live my personal life. I would treat all of my employees with dignity and respect. If an employee performed in an exceptional manner, I would recognize him or her in front of his or her peers. If an employee made a mistake, I would council him or her in private. I would always stress the importance of treating the clients with dignity and respect and I would be the example of how to do this. I would not ask my employees to do anything that I would not do myself. As an example, I would not ask my employees to deal with a combative client without stepping in and showing him or her how to manage the situation. I would...