Ethics and Compliance Paper

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  • Published : July 22, 2012
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Ethics and Compliance Paper
Carol Bramlett, Denitra Fossett, Thomas Rockwell, Jamie Scott FIN/370
July 9, 2012
Dr. Terry Dowdy

Ethics and Compliance
When everyone reads or studies they will see that most organization in anyone’s eyes (which the number one is the public) that they are measured by their success. Team C will be writing about the Dell Company and there ethic and compliance within their organization. They will discuss how their ethics and compliance are dealt with in Dells financial environment. They will also write about the ethical behavior and the procedures in Dell’s organization. They will also share how Dell financial market works, identified the process that the organization uses that needs to comply with the SEC and also evaluate Dell’s performance in the last 2 years which will consists on (current, debt, return on equity and days receivable). They will also discuss the trend for the ratio and the organization financial health. The Role of Ethics and Compliance in Dell’s Financial Environment

The company that Team C will be focusing on is Dell Computers. Dell is known as a company that has for many years adhered to the code of conduct which has been acclaimed and appraised. When anyone visits Dell’s corporate website, they will be able to read the code of conduct for Dell’s employees. Dell also will tell you that their organization is built on professional and personal integrity, which anyone can visit (on for more information. Dell also holds themselves to standards of ethical behavior that goes beyond their legal minimums. The upper management will let you know that they never compromised their standards and they will never ask their employees to do so either. Dell has a certain standard to their shareholders, their suppliers, and their customers. To compromise that with any unethical behavior would put them out of business. Integrity is essential to their business, because without the ethical behavior in their financial environment, it would be meaningless.  Describe procedures your organization has in place to ensure ethical behavior. Dell has several procedures in place to ensure ethical behavior and compliance with the (SEC) Securities and Exchange Commission. Dell has also made financial data available to the public to ensure transparency with the company’s customers, employees, investors, and future parties of interest. Financial statements are readily available on the internet; they can be downloaded for investors’ record keeping. Likewise, their financial history has been detailed and published for any interested party to view at any time. Most companies that have high stakes with investors maintain the integrity to keep markets fair for investors and to protect any capital gain. Ethical behavior is crucial during troubled economic times – investors are only comfortable when they know a company has acts in their best interest. Integrity is the heart and soul of Dell; it helps define their global culture (Dell, 02/2). There are key components that outline its Code of Conduct: trust, integrity, honesty, judgment, respect, courage, and responsibility. Each staff member at Dell is held to the highest standards to uphold their Code of Conduct regardless of their position. In ensuring ethical behavior the corporation must consider personal conduct in the work environment and allow a diverse work place with respect. Financial statement integrity and company records are another way for Dell to ensure ethical procedures are being followed. Any conflicts of interest will be addressed in a timely manner to uphold personal integrity which employees will monitor any gifts or business courtesies. Dell has been around for many years and has been successful from the start, ensuring that the company continues to uphold their Code of Conduct and complying with the S.E.C. will allow Dell to be a company operating in ethics. Financial Market Operations

The financial markets within...
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