Ethics and Common Ethical Dilemmas

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Morality Pages: 3 (583 words) Published: February 2, 2013
To observing whether Wal-Mart has an ethical problem, we will apply the case to some ethical theory. First,

1. Utilitarianism theory: ✓
Own purpose vs. people benefits
Produce the greatest good for the greatest number of people

2. Moral rights rule: Sense of duty and right thing to do→ Therefore, it can say that Wal-Mart has an unethical practice. ✗

3. Practical Rule: Do hesitation ab. communicating to people outside the company ✗

4. Justice Rule: Distribute benefits and harm among people in a UNFAIR manner ✗ - It shows that thical standard adopted by Wal-Mart is different from the societal /professional one adopted by the general industry

In fact, the size of a company may affect how good it is at encouraging ethical behavior. Large companies’ size makes it harder for ethical norms to take root, however, to think at a different angle, they have the resources to encourage positive behaviors among employees than that of the smaller firms.

Ethical values lay the foundation for success in an organization, the Wal-Mart managers must take steps to address any potential and existing ethical issues, particularly with regard to employees. -Enhanced ethical sourcing program

-How Wal-Mart prevent in the future
- Finding ways to collaborate with other brands and retailers to effect lasting improvements for workers. - Showing that Wal-Mart care about ethics by treating employees fairly. - Needs to be socially responsible:

- Avoid economic harm
- Maintain the legitimacy granted by the government

Dilemmas that require an ethical explanation are quite common at work. Both employers and employees have to face dilemmas in an organization. Conflicts are bound to arise when an organization has people who are diverse in nationality, age, education, race, religion, sex, socioeconomic status and employment experience. The most common ethical dilemmas at work include power, authority, confidentiality, honesty and loyalty. While resolving these dilemmas, both...
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