Ethics and Assessment

Topics: Child custody, Childhood, Divorce Pages: 4 (1558 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Ethics and Assessment
Unit 7 Project
Screening and Assessment
Michelle Gough
Kaplan University
December 28, 2012

A non-custodial parent comes to you asking for help with her children, what do you do? What are the ethical considerations that you need to adhere to in order to stay within the scope of the law and the American Psychological Association’s Code of Ethics? Will you be able to provide the help that the mother is asking for? Can you talk to her children and discover their point of view? Who can you legally treat in the case study that follows and what types of assessment strategies would you use? These are questions that I will answer after the initial screening visit from the case summary that follows.

A 31 year old mother of three presents asking for help. She says that she is divorced from their father and he has legal custody of the three children, a 15 year old boy, 13 year old girl, and an 11 year old boy, all of whom she has brought to the interview. She admits to an alcohol addiction which she states is currently in remission. She says that she was “a bad mom” and that she “was sick” but has been sober for 3 and ½ years. Initially stating that her husband has given her the children due to her sobriety, she later states that the father is married with a 7 year old boy and a baby and the father and his new wife do not feel that they can handle teenagers at this time. She is concerned because she “cannot afford three teenage kids.” She lives with her mother who was injured in the military and is on a fixed income. She says that her mother drinks, feels that she may be “using some smoke” and tells me that her mother cannot “manage” the children. She asks if I will call their father and explain the situation so that he may help. She tells me that there was prior talk of suicide with her children but does not tell me which one. She says that she was prescribed Prozac and has been administering the medication to her two oldest...
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