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Growing up is far from easy, for anyone, for many different reasons. As a teenager, you begin to find your own path in this world, by figuring out who you really want to be as an adult. In many parts of the United States where teenage girls are having, keeping and raising babies is considered to be without question, the only acceptable choice; they are not given the facts about the alternative: placing one’s newborn up for adoption. There is no situation in which an unmarried teenage girl fares best by keeping her child, and in no situation in which doing so is in the child’s best interest. Also, when neither marriage or the common sense of maturity are agreed upon, parenting takes on an entirely different role for the father. Without full commitment and responsibility to either the child or the girl, he may find himself being an absent father where the word father is given to mean child support, which he can not afford and rights which he has not yet earned.

There are many different options available for any teen mother if they choose to give their baby to another family, like open and closed adoption. Adoption is a legal process where a permanent parent and child relationship is formed by the transfer of parental rights from one set of parents to another individual or couple who is willing to assume those rights and responsibilities over the child. With the child at the center of the decision-making, birth and adoptive families are asked to negotiate the amount of contact they wish to have with one another. In general, adoption agencies attempt to bring families together who have similar wishes regarding contact. “Adoption practice has changed dramatically over the last sixty years and continues to be an evolving process.” (Spaulding)

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Thesis Statement: Open and closed adoption should be stressed as an alternative to pregnant teens and the father, and should go as far as to grant benefits throughout the pregnancy. Analysis of Thesis:

Adoption: The official transfer through the court system of all of the parental rights that a biological parent has to a child, along with an assumption by the adopting parent of all of the parental rights of the biological parents that are being terminated and are assumed in their entirety by the adoptive parents, including the responsibility for the care and supervision of the child, its nurturing and training, its physical and emotional health, and its financial support.

Open Adoption: An arrangement in which contact is maintained or allowed between a child’s adoptive and biological parents, it is not a legal type of an adoption.
Closed Adoption: An adoption process where there is no interaction of any kind between the birth parents and the prospective adoptive families. There is no identifying information provided to either the birth families or the adoptive families.

Father of the baby: If the father is at all involved with the mother, he will play a significant role in her pregnancy option decision. “Therefore, he should have as much information as possible to help him support her decision-making process.” (Spaulding) Arguments in Support and Opposition of Thesis:

Evidence: First Point
With an open adoption, full disclosure of identifying information between parties Jones 5 occurs. For instance, addresses and names are not withheld from either parties. Contact between the birth and adoptive family is direct, without regard from the agency as the mediator. Children do not have to have the feeling of a missing piece in their life like some adoptees describe. The child will have the opportunity and right to ask the big question, why was I placed for adoption? Fantasizing and curiosity about the birth family is then removed from the equation and the child can grow up with the truth. Open adoption most typically implies that there is a trusting relationship between the parties. Get togethers are based on the...
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