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  • Published: December 1, 2013
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With New Abortion Restrictions, Ohio Walks a Narrow Legal Line A new law that took effect in Ohio in October 2013, is making a woman’s right to choose abortion a harder decision for her to make. Under this law abortion clinics are required to offer a woman seeking an abortion the opportunity to see an ultrasound of the fetus and to see and hear its heartbeat. A woman who had an accidental pregnancy and wanted an abortion because she had a lot of complications with a previous pregnancy said that she feels it is unfair to pass these laws and make this already difficult decision even harder and make the woman feel guilty is unfair. Ohio has found ways to enact laws and push Supreme Court orders to extreme limits without actually violating them. Pro life advocates say that the last few years in Ohio have been really great for them getting pro life laws passed that can withstand scruitiny by higher courts. They feel that since you can’t outlaw abortion completely it is best to make it more difficult for someone to choose to do it. Abortion clinics have always had formal agreements with nearby hospitals that if something were to go wrong they could transfer patients there. Now there is a new measure in Ohio that bars public hospitals from signing such agreements. This could cause more of Ohio’s abortion clinics to close (there are only 11). Other anti abortion measures in this years budget bills include doctors telling a woman the odds that her pregnancy would successfully reach full term, a change in federal welfare money to these centers, new financing for rape-crisis centers on the grounds they do not provide abortion referrals and also stricter parental consent for minors seeking abortions. Whether a result of these laws or something else abortion rates in Ohio are down. I feel that these laws are unethical. If a woman wants an abortion she should be able to choose that option without being made to feel guilty. No one but the person seeking the abortion truly...
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