Topics: Chocolate, Cocoa bean, Theobromine Pages: 4 (1138 words) Published: April 22, 2013
To:| Jeffrey Galbraith|
From:| Master Minds- Kirstin Miner, Madeleine Roberts, Alyssa Tan, Jen Penza| Date:| March 5, 2013
Re:| Evaluation of Theo Chocolate |
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Hello Jeff! Team Master Minds is excited to share with you today our findings on Theo Chocolate’s social responsibility record and why they are proud to say they stand by their word. They pride themselves on being the only Organic, Fair Trade, Fair for Life certified, Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Factory in North America. They are passionate about their product and about preserving the natural environment where the cacao bean grows in order to keep the industry strong and profitable, all the while making the customers healthy and happy. Below we have prepared for you some of the important components of what makes Theo Chocolate stand out from the rest of the chocolate market as far as ethics and social responsibility. What is the mission of Theo Chocolate?

“We’re dedicated to making our world a better place. And we’re finding ways to do it through our passion—bringing out the best of the cocoa bean. We are all connected. We touch one another’s lives in incredible ways. And we are responsible to and for one another. From the cacao farmer in the Congo, to the truck driver in Seattle, to the chocolate lover in Philadelphia—there is a thread that runs through us all. Theo believes in celebrating those connections, in strengthening them and in finding inspiration within them—inspiration to change the world. We know that every action has a result. That the choices we make here in Seattle, Washington touch lives across the planet in real and lasting ways. That knowledge, and that responsibility, is what drives us to do things differently, to help make the world a better place. We think about every choice we make, every action we take and how it will impact our interconnected world.” A brief history of the company:

Theo Chocolate was founded by Joe Whitney, the first to pioneer the...
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