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The article of Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries emphasizes on the importance of Leadership Group Coaching in the current fast-paced face of business world. He reasoned out that traditional psychological contract between employer and employee has been broken due to continuous downsizing and reengineering. Organizations now rely on networking structures that put much higher demands on the “emotional intelligence (EQ)” of executives and pressurize executives’ decision making process to accommodate present realities. Coaching and commitment based cultures have replaced the command, control, and compartmentalization of organizational culture. The first step of a group coaching is to break the ice between the executive members undergoing the session. This is done through rigorous 360-degree feedback instruments such as Personality audits and Global Executive Leadership Inventory- an instrument that measures leadership in varied dimensions such as visioning, empowering, teambuilding, global mind-set, emotional intelligence, resilience to stress and more. Once the participants have pondered on the feedback they enter the group dynamics phase where each summarizes and discusses their feedback and the causes of their particular behavioural pattern with the others under the guidance of the experienced and understanding leadership coach, who controls the discussion environment. Both the different roles played by the members of the executive team and the effects of the various leadership styles on the group as a whole become clearer through the group dynamics of these discussions. They recognize how they could complement each other, how they could build on each other’s strengths to become more effective as a team. This in turn is expected to lead to a high EQ team whose members are to become more aware of their interpersonal roles and gain insight into the flawed interpersonal patterns. Communication within the executive team becomes more focused and less conflicting. They will...
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