Topics: Ethics, Personal life, Morality Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: February 17, 2013
María José Ramos
Article Reflection
Article 1 “Ethics in everyday life”

I chose the quote “You also have to take time to think about why it is the right thing” this quote with the context of the text is certainly true. Just because all the people including your parents act in certain ways for specific situations, it doesn´t mean that it´s the right thing to do. And if you act like you have always seen just to follow everybody else, in my opinion is worst, because you don´t even know if that actions are the right thing to do, you are just doing what “everybody does” and for me that is worst than thinking about the situation, taking your own decision, and then if you made it wrong, that helps you learning about good and bad decisions by your own, then you can judge another people decisions, because you have already analyze different situations by your own.

Personal Case
In the part of the text that shows some examples of ethical dilemmas, the one that says “should I extend the life of my beloved pet, or should I put an end to its increasing suffering by having it put to sleep?” This reminds me of a pet my dad loved, its name was Toby, it was a little Fox Terrier my dad bought like 10 years ago, it was a very healthy dog, but then when he started getting older, a ball started growing in his throat, so he started having eating and breathing problems, we took him to the vet, and he told us that he had a type of cancer, so he recommended us to put it to sleep, but my father refused. Toby started being skinner, and one day we found him dead in the garden. Maybe I would preferred having it put to sleep, that make him and my dad suffer, because every time my dad saw Toby, he was very sad because of its condition.

Main Points
This article wants us to understand what ethics is, the main point of it is realize that ethics is present everyday in every activity we do during the day. Also its purpose is to show us some...
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