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By | November 2012
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Andrew Carnegie was one of the great philanthropist of the nineteenth century and a powerful millionaire of his times. Here he is talking about wealth and its administration. Wealth is a measure of your ability to do what you would like to do, when you would like to do it - a measure of your breadth of immediately available choice. Therefore your wealth is determined by the resources you presently own, as everything requires resources. Wealth is about finding that point in your life where you have abundance. It is the abundance of joy, money, time, health and of God. Most people spend their lives in tradeoffs. They find an abundance of money but trade their time at a job that doesn't inspire them. Some focus only on spending their time on what they want and suffer from a lack of money sufficient to share with others. For me true wealth and prosperity actually means whatever you think that it means. Some people will be satisfied with earning a salary of $15 an hour and they are fine with that lifestyle. And then there are others in this world that feels that they need to make $100,000 a year in order to be satisfied. It depends on what you want from life. Also, if you can afford the basic necessities of life such as being able to pay your rent, eat enough food every day and have a place to sleep then you are taken care of. Everyone in this world needs to be able to feed themselves properly, have clothes to put on their bodies and they must also have an adequate type of shelter so that they can sleep comfortably at night. If any one of these things is missing, then life will be challenging.

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