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Ethical Values

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Personal Values
Steven E. Piko
University of Phoenix

Personal values
In life, there has always been a list of values that were held dear and close to my heart. The same holds true for what a business should stand for, and of these values, five stand out above the rest. Honor, loyalty, trust, respect, and compassion are the foundations that a business needs to be built on to ensure success in the present and in the future. None of these values will ever conflict with one another because each of the values weaves into the others and play a vital role in a business doing the right thing regardless of the situation. Ethical decision making is based on these values, and all other values can be seen in these five. My personal business is founded on these values because they are so closely related to my personal values, and the company always has a good name wherever I go with it. Being honest builds a loyalty to the customer that will last forever. Honor has always been about living up to ones promises, and always taking the actions that have been stated. Trust is built from honor and from loyalty, knowing one will do as stated every time. Respect is another way of treating everyone as one would expect to be treated, and compassion is the energy for doing the right thing.


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