Ethical Social and Legal Issues of Internet of Things

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Ethical, Social and Legal Issues of Internet
Although internet of things provides lots of advantages to human beings, there are also some issues that IoT has a bad influence on our daily environments. Some internet users are not aware of the danger waiting for them while using the internet of things recently. In legal perspective, since the internet of things is fairly new, there are so many issues related to the laws by using internet that they still haven’t been solved in society. An example of sharing the media tools, songs, software, or illegal downloading/uploading the documents and releasing them in public without authorization, these are all current problems that society have been facing recently harming many businesses, software editors/creators or the patent/copyright holders in a bad way. Their information, data, and knowledge in applications are being stolen and used for the internet of things in public that the internet users benefits from it freely at no cost. Although there are attempts to stop these illegal activities by law such as large amount of fines and prison punishments, there are still lots of people out there to take a disadvantage of this lack of security and protection of data and information. Since the internet of things are used via sending the data and information signals to great environment, some of the good users are not even aware that they are misusing the internet of things. One of the examples of the legal issues is the copyrights and the “Fair use”. For example, Copyright is one of the biggest issues currently that threatens people both consciously and unconsciously. Mostly copyrights can be seen with the classic words like produce, reproduce, perform, display, and broadcast. IoT can be also linked to breaking the copyright laws. The users violate it by forgetting the word called “right”. Before violating the copyright laws, they never think about how bad and important this data or information sharing is. They do not...
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