Ethical Situations in Business

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The Sanctum of Questions and Answers Consulting Firm exists wholly to provide consultative services to non-profit organizations that provide philanthropic solutions to less fortunate individuals. The CEO, CFO and COO of SQA Consulting stand firm in our belief that the non-profit organizations that we consult for commissioned our services because of our willingness to conduct our business in a way that provides open-ended transparency, integrity and accountability in all that we do. We, the organizing founders of SQA Consulting, believe that our employees should follow a strict but fair code of ethics that is based on the morals and values that we ourselves uphold in our quest to serve the non-profit community. In our quest to provide excellence in service to the non-profit community, we must realize that although the non-profit organization itself is our main client, we are charged with the task of providing the absolute best consulting services to a community of disenfranchised and disparaged people who are less fortunate than ourselves. As such, we must conduct business in a way that lifts these individuals to the forefront of our organization. We must realize at all times that we, SQA Consulting, are at the helm of the drive to provide equality in housing, healthcare, employment, the legal system and even access to education, social and philanthropic services to the millions of poor in our country. We, the officers of SQA Consulting, believe that it takes a special type of caring individual to be an integral part of our company. That individual must possess both a sympathetic and empathetic nature, as well as a fighting spirit. As such, there are certain principles that we expect all employees of SQA Consulting to comply with and abide by.


HONESTY - We expect all of our employee’s to be both honest and forthcoming with our clients, as well as SQA Consulting on any/all issues regardless of the nature of said issue. We must maintain an air of transparency at all times. In order to do this, we have to be able to trust that you, the face and voice of SQA Consulting, are conducting both your personal and professional lives in a way that represents our organization in a positive light. At any time we find that you have been dishonest, this may be grounds for immediate termination, depending on severity. At the very least, it will be grounds for written warning.

INTEGRITY - We value the integrity of our company above all else. SQA Consulting has been charged with the task of handling large sums of money for some of the most well-established and regarded charitable foundations in the world. We have been given the task of selecting vendors and entity’s to receive said money’s and contracts. As such, we have employed a third-party law enforcement agency to conduct periodic background checks and drug-screens of not only our employees, but ourselves (CEO, CFO and COO) as well. If at anytime the integrity of ANY representative of SQA Consulting comes into question, appropriate steps shall be taken to remedy said issue. These steps may be the hiring of attorney’s to provide professional representation for that individual, counseling services, rehabilitation services or in some cases, it may lead to termination of the SQA representative. Integrity is something that will be handled on a case by case basis at the discretion of our officers and management. A separate list of infractions and consequences will follow to be signed by ALL employee’s, including management and officers of SQA Consulting.

ACCOUNTABILITY - We at SQA Consulting firmly believe that we are accountable for our actions, both individually and as a company. Any and all employee’s of SQA Consulting will be held accountable for our actions in all aspects of the company. We are accountable to the company,...
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