Ethical Scrap Book Part Ii

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Ethical Scrapbook Part II
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CJA/324 Ethics in Criminal Justice

Ethical Scrapbook Part II
Ethics are a part of nearly everything that we as a society do. Whether we are late for work or even filing your federal taxes, an ethical decision is being made. Life is about choices, morals, and principles. In the field of criminal justice, ethics can be applied as well. Just as police are sworn to serve and protect by oath for the principles by which they are governed, so are most professions today. “Should All Jurisdictions Have a Good Samaritan Law Requiring an Individual to Help Another if They Are Able?” Requiring persons to help another when they are able without percussions of being sued against death or permanent damage to the victim has been helpful in certain situations where ambulatory assistance has not yet arrived. Often times a person can prevent death or stabilize a person until help arrives. If a person moves another person in need and actually causes permanent damage to them, they are not held accountable for that; in other words, they cannot be sued. I believe that there should be a law regarding Good Samaritans; however, I do not believe that it should be required. While the law is helpful, it can also be hurtful. For example, going back to my example above, should the person in need now be permanently immobilized, they cannot go after the person that helped for financial or medical money or charges incurred because they were only trying to help. Because of this, I do not believe that the average Joe should be required to help another. On the flip side, I feel that a doctor, nurse, or someone else in the medical profession should be required to help if they are able to. “Should Vigilantism Be Permitted When the Criminal Justice System Fails?” When the system fails to punish or arrest criminals who are suspected of committing crimes no private citizen should be allowed to go after the suspected criminals and apprehend them or punish them. Most of the victims in cases feel that their offenders have not received the type of punishment they should have based on the crime. The problem with the government allowing citizens to take the law into their own hands can cause for issue with authority. Most of the American people respect law enforcement officials and their authority they have. If vigilantism was allowed then this could cause disorder. If citizens are given the right to enforce the law then it can cause for individuals to look at it as there is no need for law enforcement officials. Vigilantism can cause for a serious issue with security and public safety. With law enforcement officials they are required to follow certain procedures to protect the public’s safety and security. Officers learn from experience, education and continuous training. Officers are considered professionals and looked up to. For private citizens to be able to enforce to law in a safe manner would mean that they would have to go through the same training as law enforcement officials. If a citizen feels that they need enforce the law then they should go and become police officers (The Free Dictionary, 2012) “Under What Circumstances Would You Violate the Law to Enforce the Law?” We feel that if a situation arises that will require an individual to break the law to protect a neighbor’s life then it is the right thing to do. An example of someone violating the law in order to enforce the law would be if someone killed a suspect who was committing bank robbery while they were in the same bank. If an individual who was a hostage in a bank during a robbery had experience or the courage to stop the bank robber from being able to harm anyone and they killed the robber then they will have saved the lives of everyone else in the bank and prevented the criminal from possibly escaping. If an individual is fighting for their survival against an...
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