Ethical Reporting Practice for Children in Print Media Bangladesh

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Ethical Reporting Practice for Children in print Media Bangladesh

Start your paper by stating its main argument. For example: This paper argues that Bangladeshi journalists have low awareness about ethical reporting on children. This may be evident in several cases of news reports violating children’s rights. Ethical journalism should attempt bring the positive changes, and have beneficial impact on the lives it touch. Ethical reporting demand the accountability, humanism and professionalism. This vision directly relates journalism to children, both literally and in spirit. Journalism for children is journalism for the welfare of the future. And yet journalism often forgets children. Unfortunately, news is mostly regarded as the business of adults.

Then, state how the background will be outlined. For example, the background will be divided into the following – cases of unethical reporting on children, studies about ethics in journalism, the lack of ethical codes for Bangladesh and the guidelines for ethical reporting on children.

The core ethics of the profession lies in its role as a watchdog for the public interest. The media should inform the public and help them understand the changing world so that they can make informed decisions. This is a good way to start because you are defining what is ethics. The media raises issues for public attention, democratic debate and accountability. In this role, the media should endeavour to seek the truth and expose it for the good of the public while taking care not to hurt anybody unjustly in the process. Children, and their interests and issues, deserve special attention. They deserve special care because they are especially vulnerable, and impressionable. To put it simply, ethical journalism in the context of children should serve the best interest of the Child through the power of the news media.

Upholding strict ethical standards requires of each journalist a measure of self-regulation. It is also essential for preventing government regulations or censorship that may curb journalists’ freedom of expression and the right to free speech. This does not mean that ethics can or should be codified in law. Ethical pledges have to be voluntary and based on the conscience of each journalist.

You need to cite your sources including date.

Nowadays newspaper has played important role provide the authentic message to the people. Different types of news creating awareness as well as portrait the true stories into people mind. While writing this message journalists are not aware about ethical reporting for children. This paper is going to analyze the level of awareness in Bangladesh journalist about ethical reporting on child.

Children constitute a very special segment of society and as such, should rightfully claim a fair share of the news agenda. Although children are often overlooked, journalism can and does directly and indirectly affect children of all ages.

You can just summarize this portion. Just state what it is and why it is relevant. The interrelationship between children and the news media has three broad dimensions:

1. Events often involve children and they become a part of the picture being reported on. News events involving children have direct implications for them with regard to their image, representation and wellbeing. Just as media coverage can affect children, so does a lack of coverage. Negligence of issues that are important to children has important ramifications because it is through media that adults, the decision makers, become more aware of Children’s issues.

2. Children regularly access news media, whether in print, television or online form. Children have the right to receive information, but since news is packaged for an adult audience, the content is often inappropriate for a child viewer. Consequently, events and issues depicted by the media may have serious impacts on child-consumers even if they do not directly...
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