Ethical, Religion and Personal Values

Topics: Decision making, Culture, Customer service Pages: 4 (1395 words) Published: March 6, 2006
Personal, Organizational, and Cultural Values Affect Decision Making in Your Personal and Professional Lives

Decision making in our personal, as well as our professional lives, is basically a byproduct of life itself; which is governed by our lifelong experiences and endeavors. In life, we encounter different circumstances that cause us to react in a certain manner; consequently, all reactions are based on our personal and cultural beliefs that are instilled in us at an early stage in life. Michael Josephson (2002), states in Making Ethical Decisions

"Ethical decision making requires more than a belief in the importance of ethics. It also requires ethical sensitivity to implications of choices, the ability to evaluate complex, ambiguous and incomplete facts, and the skill to implement ethical decisions effectively" (para.2)

These qualities include being responsible, tactful, and committed.

I was brought up to be responsible. Being responsible sometimes is a difficult task for us. Responsible means to be honorable, to do one's duty, and to be accountable. For instance, when I am dealing with an irate customer, I sometimes just want to escalate to someone else. I know that is not right so I continue to assist the customer. Often said to friends and family (Kathleen Jest, personal communication, August 20, 2004) "Be true to yourself by just being yourself". All I am stating is no matter what is going on in life when times are good or bad, just being who you are will make life easier. At work, I base my decisions on how to assist customers, and by putting myself in the shoes of the customer.

I am trustworthy. My family and friends confide in me all the time; therefore, I know that what is told to me is for me and only for me to know. For instance, a friend/colleague was having and bad day; everyone was asking what was wrong, she was able to open your heart to me and only me because she knew I would not tell anyone else. As a Team Lead, I am...
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