Ethical Practice in the Youth Sector

Topics: Primum non nocere, Youth, Ethics Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: November 28, 2011
The Code of Ethical Practice adopted and promoted by YACVic outlines a set of youth work principles and practice responsibilities for all youth workers. In this essay I will discuss two of these practice responsibilities and demonstrate how they relate to the ‘Hub of Ethical Practice’.

The YACVic Code of Ethical Practice is based on a human rights framework, it’s principles reflect underpinning values that inform youth work practice. The YACVic Code consists of ten youth work practice responsibilities, these practices suggest, in order to work ethically with young people, youth workers should adopt and employ these rules and guidelines. I believe one of the most important practices is the, Anti-Oppressive Practice: this requires one to be non-discriminatory, for one to work to overcome inequities and to disengage ones personal beliefs in order to respond to the needs of the young person. This ensures workers will promote equality of opportunity and enable and encourage young people to respect and celebrate their individual and others’ cultural backgrounds, identities and choices. Anti-oppressive practice complies with ‘The Hub of Ethical Practice’ as the ‘Hub’ also acknowledges the value of difference, it firmly explains the importance of workers within the social and human services fields, cannot accommodate intolerance or difference based on race, culture, language, gender, sexuality, age, appearance, religion, political beliefs or socioeconomic circumstance. Not only is discrimination prohibited by law, it is also antithetical, therefore it is important that all youth workers always embrace diversity and difference with respect and without prejudice. If a youth worker is unable to respond to a young persons needs with a non-discriminatory approach because of their own personal beliefs, it is their responsibility to refer the young person to another worker who, is able to do so.

‘Primum non nocere’ is a Latin phrase that means "First, do no harm". Both...
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