Ethical Perspective Paper

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  • Published : August 22, 2007
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Ethical Perspective Paper

Organizations have concerns that are focused on ethical leadership and ethical decision making. Ethical leadership and the importance of education have been highlighted in all most organization (Winston, M, 2007). The four key core values that have been formed as a basis for ethical decision making are C.O.R.E which is known as the character, obligation, results and equity which represents the way decisions are made from an ethical perspective. Each person has his or her own ethical perspective that are used one would use in making ethical decisions. Obligation perspective

I have been identified as having the obligation perspective when making ethical decisions. The obligation perspective is known to base ethical perspectives on individual duty or obligation to do what is right. Ethical behavior is learn at a young age then what people should morally do would be apart of there conscience. To determine if people's actions are ethical or not one would looks behind his or her actions and not the result of the actions. To be considered behaving ethically one would have to determine how they act and what rules they are willing to follow. From an obligation perspective "ethical principles must be: (a) appropriate under any circumstances (universalizable); (b) respectful of human dignity; and (c) committed to promoting individual freedom and autonomy" (University of Phoenix, 2004). The obligation perspective believes that all deserves respect so they would not be able to support societies as a whole's best interest if individuals are denied the opportunities to which he or she is entitled as human beings. This perspective believes that within limits people should be allow to make choices of there own. One believes that personal growth is more important then efficiency achievements which allows one to create policies to ensure opportunities and respect equally. With this being said certain dilemmas are faced from an...
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