Ethical or Unethical

Topics: Ethics, Employment, Morality Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: January 29, 2011
Ethical or Unethical|
One Person’s Response|
Myrna ZCelaya|

The author explains ethical or unethical behavior in different scenarios relative to management in the corporate world. |

Calling in sick when you really are not is unethical because on such short notice a replacement will be difficult, if at all, to find. Someone needs to do the job that you are hired to do with or without you. Everybody at one point or another gets ill and that is understandable but every day that job is not done or done incorrectly costs the company money. If the company feels that you are costing them more than if they trained someone else with a better attendance record for your position they will let you go. Taking office supplies home for personal use is unethical and illegal because they are property of the company. Theft is something we are taught at a young age to be wrong so in essence this also goes against morals. The company loses money and they need to cover this loss by either cutting hours, laying off employees, postponing raises or giving them to some employees. You could be one of those employees without a raise indirectly affected or arrested for stealing if caught. Cheating on a work appraisal is risky if not unethical. This directly relates to money and affects many different parties directly as well as indirectly in a negative way. Profits are the difference between success and the demise of a business but cheating is a quick route to demise. A business will not support an employee whose actions put their company at such risk. Turning in a coworker for stealing is ethical in the sense of the word but may go against the morals you know growing up. Stealing is wrong but a “snitch” is not what any of us wants to be. It is a double-edged sword, the company will be grateful in knowing who is stealing from them and will eradicate that problem but then you will be a known “snitch” who can’t be trusted. Overcharging on your...
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