Ethical Obligations

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The three ethical obligations of a defense attorney are: 1. That the defense attorney is defend their client with zealousness, 2. For the attorney to do this he or she will have to do it without any regard to guilt or innocence, and the third obligation is to keep any conversations that he or she has is confidential and kept between them. These three obligations are important to a defendant and a defense attorney because this sets boundaries and also trust between them two.

Now the three ethical obligations of a prosecuting attorney are: 1. The prosecuting attorney should make sure the individual he or she is representing is the one who committed the crime, 2. Also they are required to up hold the constitutional rights of the person that is being prosecuted, and the third ethical obligation of a prosecuting attorney is make sure they treat everyone equally under the law, this means even people who are wealthy or have power because so people are treated unfairly because they have money.

How both attorneys are similar is that they both protect their clients and make sure they are abiding by the laws. Also they are trying to make sure their client and aren’t punished in anyway. They both have to remember that the people they are representing have families and they can’t just do what they control a person’s future win or lose. The difference between the attorneys is the defendant is trying to keep their client from going to jail and the prosecuting attorney is trying to win to make sure who ever did wrong to his or her client pays for what they have done.
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