Ethical Lens Inventory

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Sociology Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: March 3, 2013
When I am using the Ethical Lens Inventory it helps me visualize who I am as a person and putting my actions and goals on a piece helps me follow them something like guide lines. For an example I use the outline of my relationship reputation lens and core value shows that I am reasonable decider when it comes to a decision that will benefit me and others such as the community. I am always making sure everyone in the group has their input on decisions especially when it’s group collaboration or something. One thing I really value is the people that have accomplished loyalty and being consistent between my circles of life. People say I have a lot of courage and I stay calm when situations emerge because I am always planning things whether it’s on paper or even in my head. In other words it is just best to stay away from trouble because it will find you and nobody likes negativity. My blind spot is me trusting a consistent process because when doing something if I am distracted I will put it down and do something else which always turns out to a poor outcome. My strength definitely has to be being ambitious cause I took time and thought out carefully what is right in all given situations. But then again being too ambitious can cause you to treat people in an inappropriate manner. One Weakness can be if one person was to not develop any social skills or just not able to concentrate will possibly cause you to become isolated from others.
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