Ethical Lens Essay

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Ethical Lens Inventory Essay
After taking the Ethical Lens Inventory survey it was determined that my preferred lens is relationship and reputation lens. It states that I balance my reasoning skills and my intuition to determine what processes, systems, character traits and virtues will best serve the community by assuring fairness and justice for all. After studying the report several times I was able to see how most if not all the traits describe the kind of person I am. It can be difficult to see your negative traits unless someone points them out.

I have taken a similar test for work called social styles that determined that I was amiable, meaning that I am more relationship oriented. A person with an amiable social style tends to avoid decisions which might involve personal risks and conflict. With that being said the social styles survey shows many similarities to the ethical lens report, which only confirms the type of person I am. I do have a tendency to believe that everyone should get the same treatment in any situation; however I do understand that all actions are different and fairness should be based on a person’s actions. According to the ethical lens report I believe that the best solution is both consistent and flexible. I believe that fairness plays a big role in the community as well we within my family.

As I was taking the test on the different scenarios, I noticed how my incorrect answers would say “this is how a person with a relationship/reputation lens would handle this situation.” Even though it was incorrect, that’s how I would have handled the scenario. The surveys help you think outside of the box and try and make you answer through a different lens. It was difficult to try and answer on how someone else would handle the situation because it’s hard to accept that your option wasn’t the best one. I think that this plays a role into “my risk” of being authoritarian or self-righteous. It states that because I have thought carefully...
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