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Ethical Lens Inventory

February 04, 2013
Ethical Lens Inventory

Ethical Lens Inventory analyzes one’s values sought within a person’s character. Most times, people are not aware of using moral judgment until they encounter a situation to make ethical decisions. Through this evaluation, it has allowed to reflect on my personal outlook as well as my response to other people’s perspectives.

The Ethical Lens Inventory (ELI) revealed my preferred lens as Rights/Responsibilities and Results Lens. Right/Responsibility Lens determines an equal balance use of reasoning skills and intuitions before making valuable decisions or judgments to best serve the people. The lens states that I prioritize and protect individual rights to ensure that I treat every one with respect, justice, and fairness. This results in looking ahead of the situation and considering the consequences that will surface before coming to a conclusion. Results Lens implies the use of my intuition and examining thoroughly before reaching my decisions. Additionally, I tend to think of others values and base my results not only on my intuition but also equality.

My Blind spot is the belief of focusing on the outcome or decision but not realizing the cause of unintentionally harming others. Despite my good motives to achieve a positive outcome, I trust the process too much and depend on people to take responsibility for themself. My strength lies within how I make rational ethical choices and to acknowledge the wellbeing of others by making sure every one treats each other equally. My weakness includes caring for people before following my intuition and making ethical decisions. For example, I worry more about people’s problems than they are worried about it themselves as well as overanalyzing their situation to make it better for them. Furthermore, I expect people to value their decisions and look at their standpoints like the way I view it. It seems that I tend to have high...
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