Ethical Lens

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  • Published : June 4, 2012
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Ethics Essay
James Jennings
May 17, 2012
Professor Larry Lowry

The case of the Mysterious Roses is the responsibility project chosen by me. As the Director of Sales, I am expected to make decisions that will impact the reputation of the company I represent also individual persons within the organization. In the project, I will be required to make several ethical decisions through a practical and repeatable decision model with the desired outcome of understanding how the ethical lens works. In addition, the ethical lens uses separate perspectives for each dilemma. This is done by using different perspectives with the desired outcome of establishing a proper ethical situation for the proper situation. The issues in question for the mysterious roses, in which an employee Gayle, began receiving roses weekly from an unknown source and started to become uncomfortable. There are several key issues that must be addressed. The main issue possibly involving sexual harassment, which also impacts not only the individual but also the organization. The way it affect the company can stem anywhere from lawsuits to negative press. In addition, they have stakeholders with high expectations who consider this kind of conduct unacceptable. The additional dilemma of a company executive, could be possibly falsifying data. This it not only important for the protection of the company but also the accused individual. This need to be done until the organization establishes concrete evidence before confronting the accused individual or party. The role of social pressure as it relates to organizational issues through ethical lens is described as the aspiration that social pressure puts on a group or members of a chosen organization. In addition, the pressure to perform is essential, as seen in my responsibility project which, affected Gayle’s work performance and the company’s profit. Also regardless of the difficulty of external pressures, when standards are...
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