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  • Published : May 14, 2012
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Ethical Lens Inventory
The ethical lens inventory exercise is very useful and something that I have lost sight of over the years. I was first introduced to this concept when I first applied for a sales position over a decade ago. After completing the exercise, the results of my answers places me in the Rights and Responsibility Lens. Since no one is perfect, having blind spots is inevitable, my blind spot as a result of my answers states that "belief that motive justifies method." My strengths are reason and self knowledge, whereas my weakness is becoming judgmental and legalistic.

It is interesting to have a label on myself and agree exactly with the explanation of Rights and Responsibility Lens. Although I wish it was a little more balance between two different lens, I would have to relate my outcome with my years in service with the military. I do take a lot of pride in the task that I am given and I use rationality to determine my outcome. As much as I feel it is common sense and that everyone should be able to follow something that seems so simple, that is not always the case. Since I am so focused on the approach and outcome, I do tend to expect that from the people that I am surrounded by, that is where my blind spot presents itself. There is no set universal rules that everyone must follow, as in any case, there are multiple ways to approach a problem. I must be able to keep a clear head if a person chooses to do something different from what I would do. My strengths are reason and self knowledge. I do use a lot of critical thinking for any task that I am given. I thoroughly evaluate the problem at hand and choose which method I will execute to solve the problem. If I commit to something, I am determined to fulfill my word and the result of my work will show the quality and effort I put in. As with any strengths, I have my weaknesses. Becoming to judgmental and legalistic is something that I commonly juggle with. I have to continue to exercise being...
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