Ethical Leader Robert. a Macdonald

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Background, Attributes and vision

Robert A. McDonald current Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of Procter & Gamble was born on June 20,1953 in Gray, Indiana and grew up in Arlington Heights, Illinois. During his childhood he joined Boys Scout and become an outstanding scout. In 1975 he was graduated from West Point Military Academy with a Bachelors degree in Science, he was ranked 13th among 875 other students. During his last year in West Point Military Academy he was appointed as Brigade Adjutant for the Corps of Cadets. The Royal Society of England awarded him Silver Medal for being most outstanding student in leadership, academics and physical education.

Soon after he served in U.S army as Captain in 82nd Airborne Division and completed number of military qualification such as Airborne, Ranger, Jungle, Arctic & Desert Warfare, Jumpmaster, Expert Infantry and Senior Parachutist. He was also a recipient Meritorious Service Medal. During his serving in army he completed his MBA from University of Utah in 1978, he was graduated with honors from Beta Gamma Sigma. In 1977 he married to Diana his wife and has two grown children Robert and Jennifer. During his stay in West Point Military Academy he learned that the character of the leader itself is the most important attribute for the leader. He believes that character is putting organizations needs before putting your own needs. . In his biography he motions “Living up to this ideal of character requires courage, determination, integrity, and self-discipline. You must live by your word and actions, and know that is the most powerful demonstration of leadership”.

On June 4,1980 he joined Proctor & Gamble as young professional in U.S marketing division. Initially he was brand assistant for SOLO laundry liquid. Ex-Captain of US army started his marketing experience by selling SOLO and particularly had a hard time selling it. During his interview to Modern Weekly he mentioned, "I was always so exhausted, I often went to sleep on the bus home and would miss my stop. My wife used to say that I smelled as though I was wearing Diesel cologne." In July 2009 he was appointed to his current position. Many people who have worked with him in P&G has described him as ‘Inspirational leader”, he is well known for his attitude towards the development and success of the people he leads, his ability derive business towards success and energizing the organization when needed.

Three ethical characteristics:

* Responsibility

During an interview with Modern Weekly BUSINESS magazine he talks about his life journey. The key sentence was "Purpose has always been the center of my life" because purposes in life makes a person responsible. According to him purposes vary with time, if combine all the purposes into one ultimate purpose it will define our concept of life. When he was a young boy he joined Boy Scouts the purpose is to help and care for others, by the age of 11 his purpose to server the nation in armed force, it was until the age of 18 his dream came true and he was ably to join U.S army, where he learn about being responsible. At the age of 26 his purpose was to learn marketing and P&G was the only option because his concept of value aligns with P&G's. He emphasized the word “more” again and again by saying “touching and improving more consumers' lives in more parts of the world, more completely”. According to him he was not good selling product to others. It took him 30 years fulfill his purpose of learning marking and by the time he was 56 years old. This explains his strong dedication towards pursuit in excellence and accountability on his own decisions.

* Caring

During his day as a solider in U.S army he spent days in jungles of Panama, where thrones are full of piousness. He mastered the art of parachute jumps over hot deserts and severed in the well-known U.S army 82nd airborne division....
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